My boy and me

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Obviously this pic in no way represents me and my son as we are today. In reality he's a foot taller than me wouldn't hold my hand if I held a gun to his head.
Don't get me wrong though we are close, there has been just the two of us for a year now and he seems to have taken on the role of protector, sometimes to the extreme.
Once he reached his teens it grew more and more obvious how alike we are. Now we have reached the point where he is me with man parts. We have the same sense of humour, like the same music/films/books and can sometimes finish each others sentence. 
I look at him and I'm so proud of how he turned out he's doing well at School and has never been in trouble. I never forget how lucky I am.
We find we do our best talking when we are walking the dog. I help him solve his teenage dilemmas and he listens to the events of my day with interest. He evens gets through my crazy plans for decorating the house without raising his eyebrows once. 
I just don't know where then time has gone. I can't comprehend how my gorgeous tiny little baby turned into this clever, funny articulate young man. Although he's reached that awkward stage, all arms and legs and massive feet he's still gorgeous to me.
I am going to enjoy our little gang of two for as long as I can because know it won't last. Yes we will always be close but one day I won't be the most important woman in his life and that's as it should be. I will be happy for him and a little bit sad for me too.

Linsey xx

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