Gatsby style

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

I realise I may be a little behind the times but it's worth a mention anyway.
I recently went to the cinema to see The Great Gatsby and it was a magical experience from start to finish. The cinema lobby was decorated in Art Deco style and all the staff were dressed in 20s costumes, there were even Gatsby themed cocktails in the bar. 
The film itself was a masterpiece, stunning to look at and almost as sad as the book. I personally feel that the idea to use modern music with a twist was genius but I know there are conflicting opinions on that.
The release of the film has had a huge impact on fashion this summer so I thort I would share my pick of the Gatsby style.

1. Charleston dress - George at Asda
2. 20s style beaded handbag - Monsoon
3. Gatsby inspired bracelet - Etsy
4. Chemise -
5. Flapper dress - Etsy

1. Gatsby nails
2. Art deco 20s style rhinestone dangle earrings
3. Vintage 1920s silver heels
4. Art Deco dress - Asos
5. Vintage Art Deco crystal headband - Whitney

Take care
Linsey xx

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