The joys of decorating

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Due to terrible damp which has now been fixed by my landlord I find myself in the middle of decorating 3 rooms at once.
The pre planning was easy, choosing themes and colour schemes is definitely my fave part. The problems started when I decided to strip my kitchen wallpaper.
Now I consider myself to be a fairly intelligent person but when God gave out common sense I must have been in the bathroom putting my lip gloss on because not any point did I consider it dangerous to slosh water up and down my wall right next to the light switch.
What followed was an electric shock of epic proportions up my left arm, a tearful phone call to my parents and a trip to hospital for an ECG which thankfully was fine but the doctor did say I had been very lucky. 
It's been a little less scary since then but did receive several cuts, burns and a knock to the head in the week that followed and the kitchen isn't finished yet!
I've been moaning for weeks about my house being upside down, never being able to find anything and a sore back and achy legs but I know it will be worth it.
When it's all done I will be able to look at my handiwork and be proud that I did it all myself.

Linsey xx

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