My phobia

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

You have no idea how uneasy this picture makes me feel even if it is just a drawing. 
I have been terrified of frogs for at least 25 years. Now most people think I'm an absolute idiot but there are others like me out there. It even has a name, ranidaphobia.
I suppose I'd better take you back to the beginning, it all started in the school playground. I was 9 or 10 years old and a boy from my class (you know who you are) threw a dead frog at me and it hit me in the face. Ever since that moment the mere thought of a frog is enough to make me feel ill.
Knowing the cause of my phobia really does not help at all. In fact the older I get the worse the fear is. Summer is absolute torture for me, I can't go in the garden even for a second in case there are any frogs. 
There have been some pretty embarrassing moments over the years when I have come face to face with a frog or toad in such incident involved me legging it off the patio at work like Usain Bolt then hanging out the staff room window so somebody could pass my lunch through.
Some people think they can cure my phobia with 4 words they can't hurt you. If they have caught me at bad time I usually tell them that I'm well aware of this and advise they look up the
Meaning of the word Phobia - irrational fear. 
I don't suppose I will ever be cured and will spend the rest of my life dodging woodlands, ponds and my back garden.
What are you afraid of?

Linsey xx

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