My Week

Friday, 30 August 2013


 It's been quite a week! It didn't start out too well as I have been poorly with a recurring infection, I'm on the mend now and have been referred to a consultant so I'm hopeful it all ends well.
I have spent my time resting in bed watching my favourite movies and have discovered a new tv series White Collar (new to me) it's very addictive.

I was thrilled to introduce my puppy dog  Ava she's such a little character and 
has really settled into the family.

We also booked a family holiday with my parents 
this week. We are going to Florida next
August and while we are there my Mum 
and I are taking a 3 day cruise to the 
Bahamas. I'm so excited I could burst.
Expect some Disney love in future posts.
Last but not least I was so excited to be 
featured in Cider With Rosie   yesterday. Rosie 
wrote some lovely things about me and my 
blog, so this is a big thank you to her.
I would also like to say thanks to Areeba 
from Aree With Umbrella  for the shoutouts 
on twitter.

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One Response to “My Week”

  1. Oh my that is quite a week and your holiday next year sounds amazing