Minor Irritations

Saturday, 21 September 2013

I have spent the last few days in bed with a throat infection.

This is what I wish I had looked like.

Instead I lay in bed trying to get comfortable and getting more and more irritated. Everything annoyed me.

- The new software on my phone
- The person who visits my neighbour
   with the extremely loud laugh.
- Not knowing when I'm due back at 
   work because they can't get the rota 
- My left eye which wouldn't stop 
- People who make arrangements then 
   when the time comes say it was never 

All minor annoyances I know but I was feeling so ill I let everything get to me.
I'm usually such a tolerant person. So now I've had my mini rant, I'm starting to feel better already.

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4 Responses to “Minor Irritations”

  1. Everything in life seems a little more irritating when we aren't feeling well, I totally know what you mean!

    The Random Writings of Rachel

    1. Thanks, I'm glad it's not just me. I'm feeling much better and calmer now. Xx

  2. jehe Sometimes a lioness just needs a good roar now and then. Here from the Weekend Showoff Blog Hop and glad you're feeling better. BB2U

  3. I hope you are feeling better! Being sick is such an annoyance in itself. Thanks for sharing with the Blog Hop Blitz!